The Mni Wiconi Water Protector’s Movement – book project call for submission

  • Dwayne Wilcox
    Dwayne Wilcox

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I have been offered the potential opportunity to create a new book on Oceti Sakowin Camp, and the Standing Rock Tribe’s Movement. The book will be published by GFT Press and modeled after my Views From the Reservation book, with hopefully even more Native contributors adding their voices and perspectives to images I made there and by others. I intend to edit the book with a Native American contributor.

I am putting out a call to all people who were there, most particularly am interested in hearing from native people and their allies to submit writings, photographs, paintings, drawings, audio files, artifacts, relevant historical documents and old photographs, etc. from or about the movement. Please consider submitting this link with others who were at Oceti Sakowin Camp and might care to help carry messages from the movement forward. The sooner materials are received the better, the chance is they may be included in the project. If uploading work to this site is not an option submissions may be mailed directly to the address below.

The inspiration for the new book is to tell the stories of value that need to be told. The book will have as many voices from native perspective on the value of the movement as possible. That said, seeing the elders regularly voiced a key value was recognizing all people are one, part of the world’s balance needing to work together and that race is a cultural construction… I hope the book will honor the indigenous led movement and we can represent the concept of working together in a new way while respecting the value of the Native led approach to the movement. The book is intended to tell the stories of value. Please help by telling the stories you most value through writing, artwork, historical documents, etc. You might begin by using the prompt: Take me back to the moment when …

All my royalties from book sales, 100%, will be donated to the legal defense fund for those arrested for participating, environmental funds supporting the cause or Lakota educational opportunities, like they were with my previous book Views From The Reservation when they were donated to KILI Radio, Voice of the Lakota Nation. Submissions in the book can be acknowledged with inclusion of people’s full names, initial, nicknames as desired.

By sending us your submissions, you are giving us permission to be use them in the book project.

For uploaded photographs, please provide them in a large enough tif or pdf file format to be printed at 300ppi at 8×10″