All images are for sale directly through the artist, or interested parties may also contact Gallery Kayafas in Boston, MA or Spheris Gallery in Walpole, NH for prints from the Recycled Realities prints.

The price is determined by the size, printing method and availability of the print. Most of the older work is not editioned. However, prints like the Recycled Realities are each uniquely selectively toned and bleached gelatin silver prints. There are no two prints from this series, which are exactly alike. The images from this project are mostly printed on papers which are no longer available. Therefore are very limited numbers of the prints left for sale.

The View From The Reservation project is made at the request of Eugene Reddest who was a good friend and Oglala Lakota elder. All print sales from that project are made with a portion of the proceeds going to help families or non-profit projects on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home of the Oglala Lakota Tribe in South Dakota. Funds raised through the sale of these prints are helping grandmothers have firewood and transportation, a young woman attend college , the college scholarship fund, the tribal radio station, among others there. Hundreds of prints from this series have also been donated to the Oglala Lakota Tribal Archive.

John Willis